Our Newsletter

The club publishes its newsletter, Prospect Hill Intermod, twice per year.  The latest edition is available to members either electronically or in printed form.  Most members receive the newsletter electronically, saving the club from the rising cost of printing and mailing.  Past issues are available online - click here.

    Newsletter Editor:   Mark Bolls, K1KGG    
    Please forward articles, stories, photos, announcements and comments to Mark
    for inclusion in the next issue of PHI.

The WARA Group on Yahoo

For late-breaking news, and other information, sign up for our Yahoo Group:

When you join, you can choose to receive new group messages to by email.  If you don't want the extra email , you can check for messages on your own schedule by logging onto the group site.

If you have problems or questions send email to

Waltham ARA,   P.O. Box 411,   Waltham, MA 02454